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Welcome to the future of health care

Hi! And welcome to Normeras first newsletter! 
I'm Thora, and I am the Chief Executive Operator at Normera AB. I have always wanted to make my very best in helping others. Here I am, writing Normeras first newsletter and I am thrilled to share with you our vision of future of health care. 
The team at Normera is excited to start the journey of making impact. With our platform we use a preventative approach with a tailored solution to help you to improve your well-being. We strive to make it easier for you to get access to research based knowledge, training, and practice in doing your self care the very best in a user friendly way.   
Now, it is the time to focus on mental health, now more than ever. Due to Covid-19 pandemic
 the whole world might now understand how our normal life can change. Now surely is the time to give ourselves more focus and take care of our mental health. We need to take care of each other, our society and not least we need to protect our future generations mental health. We can do that by shifting our focus from reactive response towards proactive interventions of our needs to avoid suffering from burnout and stress related illnesses. 
It all began about a year ago when I asked myself; “Why are there so many getting sick and burnout from stress? And why do we know so little about ourselves when we live in the era of information sharing?” 

These questions weren’t so easy to answer by doing a several google search, so I started doing a research. That was the first step of gathering information of the startup Normera. In my research I found out that most of the European health care systems are structured in the way that the focus of the care is through reactive response instead of pro-active interventions.  

This result made me consider if the preventative care is not as effective as the reactive care like we know today that is given to the patients that already are suffering from serious stress related problems or even burnout.  

When I looked into the facts and figures of the cost of absence from work in European countries it is on the scale of 2,5-5% of the nation's GDP. Wow, I didn’t believe my own eyes! What can we do about it?  

I decided, after a while of consideration, to leave my career as an auditor and founded Normera. Since I have met many people that have inspired me a lot. From those who have achieved something big like a new discovery, a doctor degree or share with others difficult life experience. I have been inspired by  completely normal people who on a daily basis tackles all kinds of problems in their lives. Having resilience of finding solutions to continue living their lives and keeping on despite difficulties.  

I have learned that we as humans have a lot of power deep in ourselves. One of these superpowers, that we may forget about sometimes, is that you always have the ability to make a choice, what ever situation you find yourself in. It can be a choice between two terrible options, but you have the ability to choose and not least the ability to choose how to react to what you are experiencing in that moment. 

I am so proud of the team at Normera who are in the process of developing a digital platform to help individuals acquire a good mental-health with pro-active interventions. The work with the app is well on its way, and many more things, which we will be happy to tell you about more in detail in an other post. For now, let me just say WELCOME and please join us at Normera on this journey to a better healthier 2022! 

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